Chris Spradlin has vast ministry experience in smaller, moderate sized, to extremely large churches.  Chris was deeply involved in the hiring and culture development process at the largest church in the country, Life.Church. Chris was a Pastor at Life.Church as well as a Team Teacher with Craig Groeschel.  In addition to Chris’s experience in the ministry world he also has deep experience in the corporate world. Chris served on the Executive Team for the fastest growing frozen yogurt chain, Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt, in the country (2013). His team grew this organization to over 350 locations and 5 countries in 4 years.  Chris’ primary role was creating culture, performance review process, HQ staffing, and bringing in high capacity franchisees.

Today, much of the Spradlin Search Group “way” is a combination of his experience at Life.Church and Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt.